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If you need a production coordinator in Greece, you should contact Fixer Greece. We know the area by hand and can help you discover this incredible country. Greece is home to numerous islands and has 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A large surface of the country is made up of mountains, so there’s a lot to see and film. Aside from being able to provide you with a local crew to help with shooting, our journalist fixer can also answer all your questions about the country so you know what to expect.

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As the second-largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki is a popular location among tourists. It has over 1 million people and is where you can find the famous White Tower.

Thessaloniki has a vibrant nightlife, and it’s also a place that was influenced by multiple cultures, which is why it’s so culturally rich. With the help of our production coordinator in Greece, you can shoot some of the historical landmarks that date back to Byzantine history and other famous attractions.

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Santorini’s name is a combination of the words “Santa and Irene” from the Perissa cathedral’s old name. This place has over 600 temples, and while most are small, they will intrigue you with their beautiful architecture. Santorini’s caldera is the only one inhabited in the world, with multiple buildings located on volcanic soil. A journalist fixer from Fixer Greece can help you explore the place’s hot springs, volcanic rocks, temples, and more. 


Did you know that Crete is the birthplace of Zeus? This city has one of the oldest histories in Europe, with the first settlements in Crete dating back to the 7th Millennium BC. Crete is also where the Minotaur from mythology lived according to folklore. With our location scouting service, you can explore the island’s clear waters. Crete is very populated, and it’s also the largest island in Greece, so there’s a lot to see and shoot here.

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Location Scouting in Greece

Greece can offer scenic views and plenty of knowledge about history, mythology, and culture. The country has many islands ready to be explored, not to mention some of the oldest establishments in Europe.

With enough dedication and hard work, you can easily achieve all the materials you need to make your project come to fruition. Greece is where you can enjoy sunny days, exceptional food, and a lot of warmth from the locals.

You can go through rocky mountains and even explore calderas. Our production coordinator in Greece is more than ready to help you showcase the magic of the country and create the best materials ever.

Our crew can also recommend various tailored locations based on your needs and requirements. So, whether you want to explore Athens or would rather visit the caldera of Santorini, we can easily show you the charm of this place and convince you to come back for more.

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