Sporades Islands

The Sporades Archipelago in the northwest Aegean Sea is a group of islands with countless beaches and picturesque areas. Four of the islands are inhabited (Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros) while the others are mostly untouched.

The Sporades offer a good mix if filming locations in Greece: from small urban settlements to untouched beaches and islands.


Also spelled “Cephalonia” this island is located west of the Greek mainland. The dry landscapes and sandy coves are its main characteristics. The main town is called Argostoli and sits on a hilly area overlooking the main harbour. The city is surrounded by some forest and its streets are typical Greek.

The Mount Ainos National park is one of the less accessible areas and could be suitable for illustrating wilderness and remoteness.

Kefallonia is one place to look for wilderness and untouched beaches when filming in Greece.

Cyclades Islands (Santorini, Mykonos & others)

A group of islands south-east of Greek mainland in the Aegean Sea, the best known places in the Cyclades are Santorini and Mykonos.

The area offers a vast number of Greek-style filming locations and decent infrastructure (hotels and sea routs).


This area in the mainland is famous for its rocky formations and the UNESCO-listed monastery complex. Meteora is certainly an option when looking for rocky and less accessible locations for filming in Greece.


The largest island in the Greek archipelago and one of the biggest in Europe, Crete offers a mix of Mediterranean landscapes and urban mainland. Its main city, Heraklion, has an international airport.

The good thing about Crete is that it covers a good variety of Greek filming locations in a relatively small space: beaches, mainland space, picturesque towns and villages.

Rhodes & The Dodecanese Islands

Located near Turkey, the Dodecanese Archipelago includes 165 different sized islands. The largest one – Rhodes – is one of the cradles of Ancient Greece.

In terms of filming locations, Rhodes and its surroundings resemble the Cyclades and also include archaeological sites.

Urban areas

While Athens and Thessaloniki are its main cities, Greece offers a good amount of variety in terms of urban shooting locations. While modern styles can be found in big cities, smaller coastal towns are generally picturesque and with slight variations from region to region

National Parks in Mainland Greece

When looking for a mainland location, the Mount Oeta National Park would be the best place to find Mediterranean forests and some wildlife.

The same can be said by Prespes and Vikos–Aoös National Parks. When filming there, a special permit may be needed as the two areas are close to the Macedonian border.